The University of Greenwich encourages international students to explore. Read benefits of living in 伦敦, one of the largest multicultural cities.

One of the many reasons that students decide to study at the University of Greenwich is its location, which mixes 'big city' 伦敦 with the countryside attractions of the county of Kent.

伦敦, home of the 2012 Olympics, is the capital of England and is situated in the south-east of the country. Our Greenwich and Avery Hill Campuses are located here. 伦敦 is a thriving city with something for everyone. 如果你以游客的身份去旅游, 不要错过伦敦眼, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben; if you enjoy music, you will love Notting Hill Carnival, our international concert venues (such as the O2 和 Royal 阿尔伯特音乐厅) and our parkland festivals.

The capital is famous for its shops and restaurants, and many are perfect for the budget-conscious student.

伦敦 is a great place for socialising with friends, but it is also excellent for that other part of being a student: learning and expanding your mind. 无论是科学, 历史, art and design or fashion that interests you,re are a wide range of wonderful museums and galleries to explore - and, 最重要的是, 许多都是免费的!

The county of Kent boasts scenic countryside, coastal resorts and many tourist attractions, including Leeds Castle and Canterbury Cathedral. There are many towns to explore with shopping areas,娱乐场所, 休闲中心,restaurants and local attractions to keep you occupied when you are taking a break from your studies.

Medway has excellent links to the rest of the county, 和 campus is close to the historic town of Rochester.


伦敦 has nearly 750 art galleries and museums, ranging from large galleries like the 国家美术馆, 泰特现代美术馆科学博物馆 that show major collections, to small, specialist studios and exhibitions like the 摄影师的画廊 near Leicester Square 和 Theatre Museum in Covent Garden.


Live bands play every night in 伦敦. You will be able to catch everything from international superstars playing in large stadiums and venues to local bands playing in bars, 酒吧和俱乐部.

Classical music, opera and ballet

National and international classical, opera and ballet stars perform throughout the year at major concert halls like the 皇家节日音乐厅, 巴比肯中心, 皇家歌剧院阿尔伯特音乐厅.


伦敦 has a thriving and diverse theatre life with major musicals and plays running in the West End and independent productions playing in local theatres across the capital.

You will also find cinemas throughout 伦敦 that show everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to independent and arthouse pictures. There are three cinemas in Greenwich, including 格林威治电影院.
 还有一个多路 O2.


From chain stores on Oxford Street to upmarket shops in Covent Garden to open-air stalls and street markets, you'll find shops that cater to every taste and budget.

You may also want to visit the 蓝水购物中心, which is only a train ride away from Greenwich.


Living in 伦敦 offers an unparalleled opportunity to watch sport. 国际 matches for most major sports take place in the capital throughout the year 和 Charlton Athletic football ground is also close to our Greenwich and Avery Hill campuses.